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If you are sick, please call your barber

Jess 515-218-3874 or 

Joyce 515-344-9710 to re-schedule. 

When you arrive: 

Check in first room on the left and let us know who you are and what appointment you have!

Wait in the lobby until your appointment. 

Booking Policy: 

I have read and agree to the policy terms below. ​

(click "I Agree" to Book)

Returning Clients: About



-Call 15 minutes before scheduled appointment.

-If you will be more than 15 min late, it is a "Last Minute Cancel"

Last Minute Cancels under 2 hours:

- Emergency or illness are excused.

- 1st event 50% charge toward next visit. 2nd event 100% and 3rd is 1 year ban.

- Not calling will result in a 100% charge of missed appointment added to your next visit. 

No call or show:

-2nd Absence within the year it last happened is a 1 year ban or $80 to remove ban. 

Returning Clients: About
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